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Nessus (Ancient Greek: Νέσσος) was a famous centaur in Greek mythology. He was killed by Heracles. He was the son of Centauros. He fought in the battle with the Lapiths and survived. He later ferried passengers across the Euenos river. He attempted to abduct Deianeira, Heracles' bride, during one such voyage, but was fought off by the hero. Before dying he told Deianeira to give his tainted blood to
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Nessus attempts to abduct Deineira from Heracles

Heracles, if he should ever stop loving her, and apply it to a piece of his clothing. Deianeira did this and applied it to a tunic after she suspected him of being unfaithful. When Heracles wore it, his skin started to burn because of the poisonous blood. He tried to take of the tunic but instead ripped his skin of, which caused his death.

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