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General Info
Title(s) Goddess of Night
Consort Erebus
Parents Khaos
Sibling(s) Erebus
Children Aether and Hemera (with Erebus)


Nyx was the ancient goddess of night. She is a shadowy figure in Greek mythology but from the extracts about her, it can be gleaned that she was a figure of great beauty and power.

History Edit

She was born from the giant cosmic being called Chaos . She was a Protogenoi. She was mother to Erebus (Darkness) and many other children. She is considered one of the most powerful, as can be seen when Hypnos, the god of sleep and her son, fled from Zeus after putting him to sleep on Hera's orders, so she could punish Heracles without Zeus' interference. Zeus found out about Hypnos' involvement and chased him. Hypnos fled to his mother Nyx, whom Zeus feared and respected. In some myths, Chaos did not exist and Nyx, in fact, was the first divine entity, promoting her power and importance.

Nyx 2
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Nyx and the Prophet Isaiah

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Nyx's Children Edit

Nyx had many children:

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Hesiod's Theogony

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