Uranus (Ouranus)
Ouranos as Aeon, with the Wheel of Time
General Info
Title(s) Protogenoi of the Sky
Consort Gaia
Parents Gaia
Sibling(s) The Ourea, Pontus, The Titans, The Titanides, and more
Children Titans, Cyclopes, Hekatoncheries, Giganties, and Aphrodite

Ouranos (or Uranus, as the Romans knew him) was the Greek sky god. He was a Protogenoi, one of the earliest gods. His consort was Gaia, who was usually either his sister or mother. He was father to the Titans . He ruled the gods until he was overthrown by five of his sons, Cronus , Hyperion , Iapetus , Coeus and Crius. Gaia conspired with them to overthrow Ouranos because he cast their (his and Gaia's) children, the Cyclopes and the Hekatonchieres into Tartarus. When he died he cursed his son and usurper, Cronus, to be overthrown by his own children (Ouranos' grandchildren), who became six out of theTwelve Olympians.

In Popular Culture

Comic books

Video games

  • Ouranus appears as Uranos in the original Kid Icarus video game. In the game he is sided with Medusa in her quest to overthrow Palutena.


Video games

Preceded by:
King of the Greek Gods
Succeeded by

(Contested with Ophion)

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