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General Info
Title(s) Goddess of motherhood
Sanskrit पार्वती
Consort Shiva
Parents Daksha (as Sati), Himavat (as Parvati)
Sibling(s) Vishnu, Ganga, Aditi, Rohini, Nakshatras, Diti, Rati
Children Ganesh
Mount Lion
Parvati is the Hindu goddess of motherhood and marriage. She is the wife of Shiva and mother of Murugan/Kartikeya and Ganesh. She was born to Daksha as Sati. She has many further forms such as Kali, Durga, Tara and Bhuvaneshwari.


Parvati was originally born as Sati, daughter of Daksha and granddaughter of Brahma. After severe fasting, she won Shiva's attention and he consented to her wish to become his wife. Daksha, who wished for his daughter to marry someone else, invited all the gods to a great sacrifice, except Sati and Shiva.

Sati went anyway and was received coldly by Daksha. She, upon hearing his insulting comments about Shiva, cast herself on the fire and died. Shiva's rage was terrible. He decapitated Daksha himself and heaped destruction upon the world.

The gods, seeing this, called upon Vishnu to console Shiva. Shiva forgave Daksha and restored him to life, but replaced his human head with that of a ram.


Sati was later reborn to Himavat, god of snow, with her sister as Ganga and. She later wed Shiva again and moved to the mountains to live with him.

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