Hand of Perkunas

The hand of Perkunas

Perkūnas is a Baltic thunder god and one of the chief deities of the Baltic pantheon. He is an enemy of Velnias. He is equated with the Roman Jupiter and the Germano-Norse Thor/Thunor.


The name of Perkunas has multiple variations across the Baltic- and Finnish-speaking regions. In Lithuanian, his name is Perkūnas, while in Latvian, he is Pērkons. In Yotvingian he is known as Parkuns, whereas Perkele is his Finnish name. His name in Old Prussian is Perkūns.

His name is also linguistically related to the Slavic Perun, Sanskrit Parjanya and Greek Keraunos, all of which relate his Perkunas' role as a rain/sky/thunder god. Additionally, his association with oak trees is shared with Zeus.

In Mythology

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