250px-07Delphi Theater03

The ruins of Delphi, Phocis

The Phocians resided near Boeotia


  1. Delphus, son of Apollo
  2. Daphnus, son of Delphus
  3. Ornytion, son-in-law of Daphnus, son of Sisyphus, also king of Corinth
  4. Phocus, son of Ornytion
  5. Ornytion, son of Phocus
  6. Naubolus, son of Ornytion
  7. Iphitus, son of Naubolus, slain be Heracles
  8. Schedius, son of Iphitus, led the Phocians against Troy
  9. Strophius, maternal great-grandson of Naubolus, father-in-law of Electra of the House of Atreus
  10. Pylades, son of Strophius
  11. Strophius, son of Pylades

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