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Primordial Pair refers to a couple, usually deities, from whom everything in a mythology originates. Sometimes the two members of the Primordial Pair are brought into exist

Izanagi and Izanami

ence by one lone deity; sometimes one member of the pair creates the other.

Primordial PairsEdit

    • Chronos (male) and Ananke (female)
    • Uranus (male) and Gaia (female)
    • 1232

      Nut (supported by Shu)and Geb.

      Ophion (male) and Eurynome (male)
  • Japanese: Izanagi (male) and Izanami (female)
  • Korean: Yul-ryeo (possibly male) and Mago (female)
  • Maori: Ranginui (male) and Papatuanuku (female)
  • Roman: Caelus (male) and Tellus (female)

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