The Pantheons all had primordial deities, or the Protogenoi, were the first beings that came into existence. They helped form the very fabric of the universe and are immortal. These Primordial Gods and Goddesses preceded all the Titans and the Olympians.
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Gaia with Chronos.

List of the Greek Deities

List of Egyptian Deities

  • Amaunet (Day)
  • Amun (Light; Later Merges with Ra as Primordial of the Sun and Light)
  • Hauhet & Heh (Time)
  • Kauket (night)
  • Kuk (Darkness)
  • Shu (Upper Air)
  • Tefnut (Water)
  • Geb (The earth)
  • Nuit (The Sky)
  • Nun/Naunet (The Void, Chaos)
  • Ma'at (Order)
  • Heka (Magick)
  • Heket (Aether/life)