The Pseudologoi or Pseudo-Logoi (Greek: Ψευδολόγοι; singular: Pseudologos) were the male spirits (daemons) or gods of lies and falsehoods. Their opposite number was Alatheia the spirit of truth.


Been an offspring of Eris and with no father, the Pseudologoi are siblings of the Ponos (Toil), the Lethe (Forgetfulness), the Limos (Starvation), the Algea (Pains), the Hysminai (Fightings), the Phonoi (Murders) and the Androktasiai (Manslaughters), the Neikea (Quarrels), the Makhai (Battles), the Amphilogiai (Disputes), and Dysnomia (Lawlessness) and Ate (Ruin), who share one another's natures, and Horkos (Oath).

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