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Psyche (Ψυχή), in Greek Mythology), was a mortal of great beauty even comparable to Aphrodite , the goddess of beauty. She eventually became the goddess of souls for deeming worthy after completing a series of impossible tasks and due to the undying love of Eros , his husband. She is also the mother of Hedone.

Zephyrus and his servants carry away Psyche

Pysche was originally a mortal princess. She was compared to Aphrodite by her admirers and in jealous revenge, the goddess of love bid her son Eros to shoot Psyche with an arrow, to make her fall in love with

Psyche in Hades
Psyche returns to the overworld

the next person she saw.

However, Eros accidentlypricked himself with an arrow, and was promptly infatuated with Psyche. She was taken by Zephyrus, the west wind, to Eros' palace. Eros visited her at night and forbid her to look at him or he would leave forever. Aphrodite persuaded Pysche's jealous sisters to question her, planting seeds of doubt in her mind as to her secret husband's true identity.

One night, she light a candle and saw his face. Eros, sleeping at the time, felt a hot drop of wax fall on his face. He woke up and left. Pysche, in tears, flees and is found by Pan. She eventually earns the favour of both Demeter and Hera, but they cannot intervene on her behalf with Aphrodite. Instead, Psyche learns she must appease Aphrodite herself.
Eros finds Psyche
Wedding feast of Eros and Psyche
After being cruelly mistreated by Aphrodite for some time, Psyche runs away and tries to drown herself. She is stopped by Apollo, who tells her she must complete her tasks. Aphrodite send her to collect water from the lake Coctys. She is attacked by draconic monsters and Zeus himself sens an eagle to kill them. She is then tasked to collect a parcel from Persephone, and eventually finds the entrance to Hades' realm. She pays Charon for his ferry trip and distracts Cerberus with honey cakes. She eventually reaches Persephone herself, Queen of the Underworld. She hands over the box and Psyche returns to the overworld.

Overcome by curiosity, she opens the box and falls into a deep sleep. Eros finds her, rouses her and takes her to Olympus. Zeus convenes a council and warns Aphrodite not to harm Psyche. Psyche is given ambrosia to become a goddess and weds Eros. She then gives birth to Hedone, goddess of pleasure.

Psyche in the underworld.

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