The Sicyonians were the residents of Sicyon, a city situated in the vicinity of Corinth.
670px-Korinth Isthmus de

Sicyon, near Corinth and Mycenae


  1. Aegalius, an autochthon
  2. Europs, son of Aegalius
  3. Telchis, son of Europs
  4. Thelxion, son of Telchis
  5. Aegyrus, son of Thelxion
  6. Thurimachus, son of Aegyrus
  7. Leucippus, son of Thurimachus
  8. Peratus, maternal grandson of Leucippus, son of Poseidon
  9. Plemnaeus, son of Peratus
  10. Orthopolis, son of Plemnaeus
  11. Coronus, maternal grandson of Orthopolis, son of Apollo
  12. Corex, son of Coronus
  13. Epopeus, half-brother of Coronus
  14. Lamedon, son of Coronus
  15. Sicyon, son-in-law of Lamedon
  16. Polybus, maternal grandson of Sicyon, son of Hermes

Kingdom Annexed by Argos

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