This article is about the Protogenos, for the location see Tartarus.
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Sisyphus rolls a boulder up a hill in Tartarus

General Info
Title(s) God of Tartarus (Hell), torment and divine punishment
Abode Tartaros
Consort Gaia [1]
Parents Chaos
Children Typheous and Echidna[1]

Tartarus (or Tartaros) was the Protogenoi (Primordial god) of the stormy Tartarean Pit that lays beneath Earth (Hell), as well as torment and divine punishment. He was one of the first to emerge when the Universe was created, after Khaos and Gaia.


Tartaros had two children, the giants Typhoeus (Typhon) and Echidna. Aswell as the giants born to fight the Gods ( Echidna, Aloadai, etc.).


  1. Hesiod's Theogony

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