Thor #272 (June 1978). Cover art by John Buscema.

Thor is a comic book first published by Marvel Comics on 1962. The comic book centers on the superhero life and adventures of the Norse God of Thunder Thor, which is based on the mythical Norse god of the same name.



Publication history

The comic book was first published in 1962, when the comic book Journey into Mystery reached issue #125 and was renamed Thor. The first volume of Thor started in 1962 with issue #126 and run until issue #502 ending in 1996. The second volume of Thor started on July, 1998 with issue #1 and was canceled, ending with issue #85 on December, 2004. The first issue of the third volume was published in September, 2007. The third volume was canceled, ending in January, 2009 with issue #12.

In April 2009, Thor is reverted to volume 1, and continues with issue #600. The new volume 1 of Thor ends in May 2011 with issue #621. Thor is reverted to Journey into Mystery after issue #621.


Thor (Vol 3) 1
  • Thor is depicted as having blond hair and sometimes even a blonde beard, however it's mythological basis, had red hair and beard.
  • Marvel's Thor's appearance is similar to that of a knight, while the Thor from mythology resembles vikings.

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