King Tereus

The Thracians were a barbarian peoples who resided in Thrace at the north-west of Achaea (that is, Greece), now Bulgaria. They were allies of Troy.


  1. Thrax, son of the god Ares
  2. Tereus, son of Thrax
  3. Dyras, son of Tereus
  4. Lycurgus, son of Dyras, father-in-law of Dardanus of Troy
  5. Phineus, son of Dyras, father-in-law of Lycceios of Paeonia
  6. Tegyrios, son of Phineus
  7. Eumolpus, son-in-law of Tegyrios
  8. Diomedes, son of Eumolpus, his mares were stolen by Heracles
  9. Cisseus, son of Eumolpus, father-in-law of Antenor (father of Theano)
  10. Polymestor, son of Cisseus, husband of Illione and son-in-law of King Priam of Troy
  11. Eioneus, son of Polymestor, faher-in-law of Ixion of the Lapiths
  12. Rhesus, son-in-law of Eioneus, son of Euterpe the Muse and Strymon and river god, participated in the Trojan War
  13. Pierus, great-grandson of Eumolpus
  14. Oeagrus, son of Pierus

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