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Atalanta picks up the apples as Hippomenes takes the lead

The Tree of the Hesperides was located in Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal), according to Greek mythology. It was protected by Ladon, a dragon and the Hesperides nymphs (daughters of Atlas or Nyx). It produced golden apples.

In Myth

The Tree was given to Hera as a wedding gift from Gaia. Its apples gave immortality to those who ate them. Eris stole one apple and inscribed it with the words "to the fairest" sparking a chain of events which would lead to the Trojan War. Heracles had to steal some apples as part of his 11th labour, with the help of Atlas. Aphrodite provided Hippomenes some apples which he used to distract the legendary runner Atalanta in order to defeat her in a race and win her hand in
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Heracles picks the apples and defeats Ladon


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