Tsetse Bumba, also known as Tsetse, is one of the many creatures that Mbombo had vomited up when creating the world. Due to her chaotic nature of setting things on fire, she was chased away into the sky. She is also described as being beautiful and quick.

When Mbombo vomited up nine animals, Tsetse Bumba was one of them. He ordered every creature to observe a particular taboo, but Tsetse refused.[1] Because of her refusal, Mbombo cast her away from the earth and she found refuge within the sky. Even though she is forced to live in the sky, Mbombo permits her to make occasional visits to the earth, bringing fire with her. Since Tsetse only visits once in a while, Mbombo taught the humans how to produce fire using the trees. Each of her descendants have mixed blessings as each of them are said to bring some form of disaster.



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