Tsul 'Kalu is a legendery hunter in Cherokee myth.


A widow wanted her daughter to marry a hunter. One night someone gave the daughter's mother food. When the mother told her daughter to ask for wood that night before she asked he gave them uprooted trees. Her mother was furious. Next time he came he gave her nothing. The daughter at some point married him. One day the mother wanted to see him since he always left before morning. He promised to show himself if the mother promised not to say he was terrifying. The mother saw him (Tsul 'Kalu) and he was very mis-shaped. He promised never to show himself to the daughter's mother again and went to a different town. Several months later, the girl gives birth, and Tsul Kalu comes back to convince the girl to come back to the village with him. She tells her mom she's leaving, and never comes back.

In Popular Culture

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