Typhon (Ancient Greek: Τυφῶν), also known as Typhoeus (Ancient Greek: Τυφωεύς), Typhaon (Ancient Greek: Τυφάων), or Typhos (Ancient Greek: Τυφώς), was the last son of Gaia, and the most deadly monster in Greek mythology, as well as the god of storms and monsters. He was forced to fight Zeus at the will of Gaia, because Zeus had imprisoned her children, the Titans.

Typhon can be considered both a god and a monster.


Typhon was described as being so tall his head often touched the stars, and his arms stretched to both east and west. He was said to have over a hundred serpent heads, and his eyes flashed fire. Instead of legs, he had twin serpents that served as legs. With Echidna, he became the father of some of Greek mythology's most famous beasts, such as the Chimera, the Hydra, the Nemean Lion and the Sphinx.


Typhon was said to be the last son of Gaia, the personification of the Earth. In other tales, Hera demanded Gaia give her a son not weaker than Zeus himself, and so Hera bore Typhon without a father. He was later challenged to battle by Zeus. Zeus became trapped in the writhing serpents that served as Typhon's legs, and Typhon cut out Zeus' sinews, thus immobilizing him. Zeus was taken to a cave where he was given back his sinews by Hermes and Pan. Once Zeus regained his strength, he flew back to Typhon in a charoit drawn by winged horses. The two fought on until Zeus ultimately defeated Typheous by hurling Mount Etna at him. Typhon was, from then on, trapped beneath the mountain. Many of his children were killed by Greek heroes, most of them killed by Heracles.


In Popular Culture


Typhon in Clash of the Gods

Typhon as depicted in Clash of the Gods

The Typhon appears in the first episode of the documental mythology television series Clash of the Gods. In the episode Typhon is confronted by Zeus.


In the Iwamoto Naoki manga Magico, Typhon serves as the final villain and as the creator of Anise, magic and the Echidna. He lives on the moon, the head of Echidna, performing a ritual to grant him seemingly limitless magical power by crucifying himself for exactly 15 years, 15 days, 15 hours and 15 minutes. His goal was to use this power to reunite Echidna and then combine his own and Echdna's power to erase the universe and create one where only he and Echidna existed. He was defeated by Shion and Emma's love.

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