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  • Demon Killer

    this is a remake of my other story which is suppose to be the true story(technically fiction but the idea is true to what my vision gave me sight of)

    Arrethtrae like all great worlds begin like a plant, the gods put in the seeds of life on a simple rock god of wisdom and justice Leinad put a tiny seed within a rock and then the next day he saw life apon it he named the planet after his angelic wife Arrethtrae goddess of beauty and free will and sent 2 of his children Alexander who would become the mighty Alexander the Herculean king the one who brought down the mighty leviathan by order of his father and Beatrice who would become the famous bard of all of Arrethtrae her songs give men and women the lust to do her through legend she was give…

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  • Demon Killer

    King Marix

    May 4, 2010 by Demon Killer

    this is a story I made with honor and respect and with this tale I stand tall.

    before there was time there was darkness an emptiness of the void of space where Leinad god of wisdom and virtue planted a seed of life and with it Arrethtrae was born, he sent 3 of his children Alexander the Inspiration, Beatrice the bard and Elizabeth the lover, with there power mankind was born, these people were considered our heroes, our beginning. But later on they they became enemies, they called each other a traiter and split apart, Alexander however he wanted to give Inspiration to his sisters for he decided to leave his home and will not return until Beatrice and Elizabeth were to be as family again, as time goes on people believed that he may never ret…

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