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General Info
Mythology Norse mythology
Country Norway
Region Asgard
Inhabitants Spirits of dead men

Valhalla, in Norse Mythology, is where all men who died with honor in battle go to until Ragnarok, the Fate of the Gods. This golden fortress is Odin's hall. Reaching Valhalla was a goal for most Norse warriors and has been called the "Viking Heaven".

When men died in the midst of battle on Earth, the Valkyries would come for them and bring them to Valhalla for the last battle. They would be made immortal and trained against each other for the whole day. At the end of the day, those wounded would be healed and those who fought would part as friends. By night drank mead and sang to Odin. They were known as Einherjar.

The golden tree Glasir is located outside the hall, as is the tree Læraðr, sometimes identified with Yggdrasil. The stag Eikþyrnir and the goat Heiðrún.

In Popular Culture


  • Valhalla appears in the Marvel Comics limited-series Fear Itself: The Fearless.

Video Games

  • There is a map in Halo 3 called "Valhalla", the map was remade in Halo 4 and was given the name "Ragnarok".


  • In "The Long War", the second instalment of The Long Earth series, Valhalla is the name of the largest city in the High Meggers.

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