Feel the Wrath!

Wrath of the Titans is an epic fantasy, action-adventure film. It is the sequel to the hit 2010 film Clash of the Titans, starring Sam Worthington as Perseus, Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Rosamund Pike as Andromeda and Toby Kebbell as Agenor.










Image Character Description
COTT2-11373r Perseus Perseus is the demi-god son of Zeus and brother of Ares, just as in mythology. However various points contradict his mythological history:
  • First of all, Ares had a personal grudge against Hercules and viceversa, not with Perseus.
  • In myth, it was Theseus who defeated the Minotaur, not Perseus.
  • Perseus didn't slay Kronos, it was Zeus.
  • Perseus was not the first man or demigod to defeat a Cyclops, it was Odysseus.
COTT2-04974 Andromeda Just as in myth, Perseus and Andromeda are romantically involved (tough this was not the case on the first film of this rebooted franchise).
WOTT-VFX-011 Hades Hades is the god of the underworld in both the film and myth, and though his relationship with the other gods is not quite good, it is not as antagonistic as portrayed in the film. Other differences between the film and mythology are:

  • Hades never affiliated himself with Kronos in myhthology but he did in the film, though he had a change of heart later in the movie.
  • Hades used a staff in myth, not a pitchfork. In later mythology however, he was depicted with the pitchfork.
COTT2-03362r Poseidon
  • Pan was the first known god to die in mythology, however in the film Poseidon is the first god that dies. Poseidon was never killed in mythology though.

  • Poseidon's trident was used only by Poseidon and not by Agenor or Perseus, as demonstrated in the film.
COTT2-10254 Ares *Ares never battled Perseus in mythology, however in th film he did, he was jealous of Zeus' love for Perseus and was even killed by him.

  • Warriors and soldiers prayed to Ares in the film, however they never did in mythology, as no one would ever pray to the god of war.
Wrath-of-the-titans-chimera Chimera The Chimeras appearing in the film, are two-headed monolithic creatures, with furry skin, giant wings similar to those of a bat, each head is equipped with a horn or none. Both heads of the creature employ teamwork, one head spews the fuel, the other ignites it in mid-air generating torrents of scorching fire which was shown to rapidly ignite flesh and wood. Chimeras in mythology are creatures with two or three heads, and are not capable to fly in comparison with the chimeras of the film. Also the chimeras do not reside on the underworld as opposed to that of the film.
Makhai Makhai The Makhai are double-torso'd, sword wielding monsters, supposedly the union between spirits of fallen warriors bound for eternity to fight alongside each other. The depiction in the film does not contradict their mythological origin, neither explains it. In mythology, the Makhai are the spirits of battle and war, which accompanied Ares on the battlefield, just as in the film their allegiance is to Ares and Kronos.
WOTT-FP-009 Pegasus In myth, the Pegasus is a flying white and winged horse, however in the film it is portrayed as been black.


Directed by

  • Jonathan Liebesman

Executive Producer

  • Callum McDougall
  • Kevin De La Noy
  • Jon Jashni
  • Louis Leterrier
  • Thomas Tull


  • Sam Worthington as Perseus
  • Rosamund Pike as Andromeda
  • Toby Kebbell as Agenor
  • Liam Neeson as Zeus
  • Ralph Fiennes as Hades
  • Danny Huston as Poseidon
  • Edgar Ramirez as Ares
  • Bill Nighy as Hephaestus
  • Freddy Drabble as Apollo
  • Paul Warren as Hermes
  • John Bell as Helius
  • Martin Bayfield as a Cyclops
  • Spencer Wilding as Minotaur
  • Lily James as Korrina
  • Alejandro Naranjo as Mantius
  • Kathryn Carpenter as Athena
  • Sinéad Cusack as Clea
  • Matt Milne as Elite Guard No. 1
  • Kett Turton as Elite Guard No. 2
  • Juan Reyes as Prison Warden
  • Jorge Guimerá as Theodulus
  • Asier Macazaga as Theron
  • Daniel Galindo Rojas as Eustachius
  • Lamberto Guerra as Timon
  • George Blagden as Solider 1
  • Killian Burke as Soldier 2
  • Alastair Cording as Villager 1
  • Caoilfhionn Dunne as Woman 1
  • Domingo de Luis as Andromeda's Servant
  • Richard Goss as Argos Army Swordsman
  • Jimmy Pethrus as Ancient Greek Soldier
  • James Michael Rankin as Argos Army Soldier

VFX Supervisor

  • Nick Davis

Prosthetics Designer

  • Connor O'Sullivan

Produced by

  • Basil Iwanyk

Written by

Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson

Lead Digital Artist

Richard Clegg

CG Effects Supervisor

Anders Langlands

Original Music by

  • Javier Navarrete

Cinematography by

  • Ben Davis

Film Editing by

  • Martin Walsh

Casting by

  • Jina Jay


The soundtrack and score were composed by Javier Navarrete. The soundtrack was released on the 30th of March of 2012.

# Track Name Scene and Musical Description Length
1. Wrath of the Titans Soundtrack heard through the end credits
2. Humans Stopped Praying Opening soundtrack to the film, heard during Zeus' narration
3. Zeus In The Underworld Zeus meets with his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades, and son, Ares. Zeus and Poseidon are attacked by Makhai on Hades orders
4. Attack Of The Chimera A Chimera attacks Perseus' village, forcing him to fight and kill it
5. Son Of Zeus Zeus asks Perseus for help/ Poseidon arrives and dies
6. Pegasus Pegasus arrives and takes Perseus to Andromeda's camp
7. Andromeda Andromeda and Perseus meet with Agenor and set off for Tartarus
8. Cyclops The group is attacked by Cyclops
9. The Orb The group meets Hephaestus, who shows them the orb-construction model of Tartarus 6:44
10. Ares Fights Soundtrack not used
11. Perseus In The Labyrinth Zeus reconciles with Hades; Hades then fights off Ares. Perseus fights his way through the labyrinth and ends battling the Minotaur.
12. Escape From Tartarus Kronos awakens as Perseus and co free Zeus
13. To The Battle Andromeda prepares her troops for battle
14. Brother Ares Perseus battles Ares, on a one-to-one battle, with Perseus emerging victorious and painfully killing his brother Ares.
15. Zeus Leaves Zeus dies but not before telling Perseus to use his power wisely.
16. Kronos Megalos Remix Kronos emerges and wreaks havoc upon the land. Zeus and Hades battle him before Kronons is killed by Perseus






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